Ledger Reveals New Hardware Wallet Called Ledger Stax, With an IPad-Similar Design

Ledger Reveals New Hardware Wallet Called Ledger Stax, With an IPad-Similar Design


BONSERNEWS.com – Kabar Ledger has collaborated with Tony Fadel who is known for his work as Apple’s iPod creator for the development of his new Hardware Ledger wallet.

The wallet, which has been dubbed The Ledger Stacks, comes with an e-ink display that wraps around the foldable device towards the front.

Tony Fadel has designed the Ledger Stax wallet with a high end smartphone design and is easy to carry for the users.

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It comes with lots of features like Bluetooth connectivity, large storage, E-ink screen and wireless Qi charging.

This view allows users to easily view their transactions as well as personalize the lock screen with any nft image or artwork.

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The designed form allows users to view and manage nft Collections and is compatible with 500 different types of cryptocurrencies.

In the explanation that Bonsernews has quoted on the Youtube Channel “Altcoin Buzz,” Cody Buffington explained.

“The material wall can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth for Ledger users but those who want to take maximum safety precautions should use a type C cable to connect their wallet to the laptop.”

Ledger plans to release this product in the first quarter(q1) of next year, but it’s available for pre-order now.

Not only that, Best Buy in the USA is also providing plenty of stock for this product in the next month.

Ledger- Stax this was one of the first and notable attempts at apple-fi. It’s Apple that has put the user interface first for years.

As Tony wrote on his Twitter account @tfadell explained, that this step can start a trend that can be said to be a big help in helping direct people to web 3.


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