The Development of Crypto in Indonesia is Very Rapid, Crypto Transactions Reach IDR 212 Trillion

The Development of Crypto in Indonesia is Very Rapid, Crypto Transactions Reach IDR 212 Trillion – The development of crypto assets in Indonesia is very rapid.

The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Trade has been open to companies, both domestic and foreign, that will join in crypto assets.

The development of crypto assets because they are in demand by Indonesian investors has no age limit, young or old.

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It is hoped that the company will not ignore traceability and security aspects for all parties involved in the crypto asset market.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Crypto Asset Traders (Aspakrindo), Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda, said the government’s openness was a good momentum for the growth of the crypto asset industry in Indonesia.

According to him, Indonesia is a country that has regulations that are good enough to accommodate crypto trading transactions.

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“The government’s openness is very good for the growth of the crypto industry. Especially now that there are strict regulations regarding crypto trading as a commodity.”

“The Ministry of Trade is also in the process of establishing a crypto asset exchange, clearing institution and custodian to support Indonesia’s crypto asset ecosystem,” said the man who is familiarly called Manda in Jakarta, Friday 22 July 2022.

The domestic crypto asset industry itself so far still has considerable potential.

Bappepti noted that as of June 2022, the number of crypto asset investors had reached 14.6 million, up from the end of 2021 only 11.2 million.

“In numbers, domestic crypto investors can still continue to grow. Currently the figure is still around more than 4% of the total population of around 270 million Indonesians. Crypto penetration can be optimized throughout Indonesia,” said Manda.

Meanwhile, the total trading transactions for crypto for the January-June 2022 period have reached IDR 212 trillion.

The number of transactions is indeed much smaller than last year, with the same period January-June 2021 reaching IDR 428 trillion.

This happens because some crypto asset values ​​have decreased.

The crypto asset industry, he continued, could become a pillar of economic growth in Indonesia.

Like, opening new jobs, especially those related to blockchain technology.

“Then, many Indonesian people have been helped by investing in crypto assets, starting from students, housewives, online motorcycle taxi drivers and others,” he concluded.()


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