How to Register Tik Tok Affiliate Without Minimum Followers 2023

How to Register Tik Tok Affiliate Without Minimum Followers 2023 – Nowadays we can make money easily. Even just with a cellphone and sitting relaxed at home, we are able to generate millions of rupiah through the internet.

For example, like Tik Tok Affiliate, you must be familiar with this. Then what is Tik Tok Affiliate and how do you register???

Definition of Tik Tok Affiliate

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Tik Tok Affiliate is a program provided by Tik Tok for people who want to make extra money.

Simply put, Tik Tok Affiliate is a program where we can generate extra cash or money without capital and without stock items.

So, we are only assigned to share product links available in the Tik Tok shop feature, and if everyone clicks on the link, we will get a commission.

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How to Register Tik Tok Affiliate

1. Open

2. Register/Login with a personal account

  1. Click “Tik Tok shop Affiliate”
  2. Create a Tik Tok shop account first
  3. After having a Tik Tok Shop account, open the Tik Tok Application
  4. LOGIN using the account linked to the Tik Tok Shop account
  5. Click on the bag or shop shape
  6. Select the Marketplaces option
  7. Find the product you want to promote
  8. Click “add”
  9. Then all you have to do is post a video according to the product you are going to promote and add the product link to your video at the bottom “add link”

That was the easy way to register for Tik Tok Affiliate for beginners, good luck!



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