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Ideas for using wallpaper in the living room

Now that we have explained the main differences between the different types of wallpaper, all that remains is to choose the one that best suits your living room. Our experts give you their suggestions to brighten up a modern living room and give new personality to the living area.

Soft colors

Sofa and armchair in front of a wall with mottled wallpaper in blue-gray

You don’t want to dare too much, in your living room you already have a flashy and lively decor, but do you like the idea of decorating it with wallpaper singapore? So stay on neutral tones, such as powder pink, sand, light blue, soft yellow, and choose a wallpaper with very light and delicate designs, which will give your living room a romantic and elegant air. It is perfect in a classic, but also vintage environment.


To give depth and movement to a modern, minimal and small-sized living room, play with geometries of the wallpaper singapore. Lines or designs that go vertically serve to widen the height, while designs or lines horizontally deceive the eye and make your living room seem larger.

Flora and fauna

A tropical forest populated by toucans and flamingos? The sea with its colorful fish?The savannah with big cats and massive elephants? Choose a playful and elegant wallpaper with a natural theme. If you are not a lover of ethnic and colonial furniture, and do not want to exaggerate, limit yourself to covering only one wall of the living room with wallpaper (perhaps the one behind the sofa) and combine it with minimal furnishings.


The wallpaper that simulates a fresco is both elegant and relaxing. The advice is, however, to use it only if you have a large and bright enough living room, so as not to darken the environment. It is a type of wallpaper that looks good in a classic living room and a baroque one at the same time.

Textured and three-dimensional wallpaper

There are photo-printed wallpapers that reproduce images of brick, marble, stone, tile, wood, and they are very useful if you want to quickly renovate your living room, but don’t have a big budget for the renovation. If you want a “wow” effect, there are also wallpapers that reproduce three-dimensional effects, for example of landscapes, but with these you have to be careful because there is a risk that you will soon get bored.

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