A translation of @PiersMorgan’s answers to @BenShapiro’s questions

If you haven’t seen the remarkable exchange between CNN’s Piers Morgan and Breitbart’s editor-at-large Ben Shapiro, the full video is posted at the end of this blog. However, if you are not accustomed to seeing a conservative use facts and reason (as opposed to spitting and yelling) you may not understand what is actually being said. Below is a list of Piers’ answers to Shapiro’s questions:

1. How dare you…?
2. How dare you?
3. Mark Kelly agrees with everything that I have said…
4. We’ll come to that, let me ask you this… (He never went back to it)
5. You can smirk and me and you can laugh at me…
6. The last four shootings involved assault weapons, is the reason why people like me, Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords are against them… (although historically the vast majority of shootings involve handguns)
7. Why is this about left or right?
8. Because I believe in American’s right to defend themselves with a handgun or a pistol…
9. One of the great right-wing presidents of modern time agrees with me…
10. Do you understand how absurd you sound?

And here is the translation of these answers:

1. How dare you tell me what I have been doing for several weeks.
2. I still haven’t come up with a better answer.
3. Someone else agrees with me, so I must be right.
4. I am avoiding your question.
5. I am the only one here who can be morally superior and you are making me look bad.
6. I am going to ignore facts, and go back to someone else agrees with me.
7. I am avoiding your question.
8. Look, I am really reasonable on this, because I believe in the federal government’s history of restraint.
9. Ronald Reagan agrees with me, so I must be right.
10. I can’t believe you just made me look bad on my own show.

See for yourself:


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3 responses to “A translation of @PiersMorgan’s answers to @BenShapiro’s questions

  1. bob

    I thought Piers was going to get the vapors…

  2. Robbins Mitchell

    what a putz

  3. Cain

    Ben, following ably in the footsteps of Breitbart, puts on a clinic in this video that all conservatives should study and replicate when debating a thoroughly ignorant leftist gasbag like Morgans. 1) Be well informed on any topic you intend to discuss, 2) Never cede the moral high ground to the left (and be aware they assume they own it and will dismiss you accordingly once you let them have it, 3) Hold them accountable for their actions (i.e. Ben did this brilliantly right out of the gate with Piers by pointing out his appalling exploitation of the Sandy Hook victims in his crusade against “assault” rifles… Ben had him on his heels immediately and Piers never did recover. Moral clarity and the left are strangers in many regards.)

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